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My Nanyang Soy Salt seems wet, is it normal?

Yes, our Nanyang soy salt is born from the aging of soy sauce and naturally crystallized in barrels. It is an Umami Bomb and naturally damp. We dry it by sunning it but it will never be fully dry like table salt. The moisture is not just water, but is rich in minerals. You can use it as it is without drying it or if you wish to dry it, you can leave it out in the sun. For storage, please keep in a cool and dry place.

How do i further dry out soy salt if i prefer it dry?

The simple, natural way of drying out your salt is to spread it out on a dish and place it by a sunny window. You may also store Nanyang soy salt in its original container. Depending on the climate, you may find that your soy salt can absorb some humidity and retain some moisture. The salt is so raw and natural that it takes in moisture but also releases it.

Can i use Nanyang Soy Salt in recipes?

Yes, of course! Nanyang Soy Salt can be your all-purpose gourmet salt. This special whole crystal salt is strong in Umami and provides a refreshing savory flavor and will dissolve into your cooking over heat. Our Nanyang Soy Salt is considered a gourmet finishing salt, used by culinary chefs to flavor steaks, meats, soups, salads. Try adding it to your baking, Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate and be amazed at its versatility!

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